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New Video – Blackhawks in the Sky

A video made from a recent visit to our area from two US Army Blackhawk helicopters. My son-in-law, Jerad, handled the Canon HV30 camera on this one. One of the helicopter pilots is a good friend of his and my daughter. My only wish is that I could have gotten a ride with them and filmed some sequences from “up there”.

Music is Dick Dale’s rendition of “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. I’m glad Mr. Dale is receiving renewed popularity. He is considerd to have invented the surf guitar sound and style in the early 1960s. The likes of Jimi Hendrix and Eddie van Halen are amongst the guitar kings that were influenced by him.

I also uploaded it on Vimeo where you can view an HD version plus download it. The download will only be available for one week starting today.

New Showing and New Video

Once again, its been a while since I made a blog entry. Its not that I’m lazy, which is always debatable. It more that I’ve been busy with a great many things.

However, today, I hung a small showing of my prints at the Lawrence Bank, located at 9th and New Hampshire in Lawrence, Ks.  Included in the show is the 20×40 inch Flint Hills triptych, “Road CR-2, Greenwood County”. Please stop by and view if you can.

Back in December, we purchased a Canon HV30 high definition video camera. I had been having yearnings to get a film movie camera, but the production costs really rack up fast, and they wind up being digital videos anyway.  The HV30 is a wonderful little camera, with capability far in excess of its diminuative size. Thus, with a few video skills under my belt, and with the aid of the editing software, I’ve created a small self-promotion video (which includes authentic Flint Hills wind in the sound track). Here it is: