Kansas is a uniquely beautiful place. My goal is to deliver that unique beauty and the feelings it invokes using traditional black and white Large Format photography, centering on rural life, its architecture, and landscapes.

Mostly self-taught, my photographic experience began as a young child on a farm in Western Kansas. That heritage of farming and ranching carries through to current subject themes.

Since 2003, I have been photographing with Large Format view cameras of the 4×5, 8×10, and 7×17 sizes. For 2008, I am concentrating on 7×17 panoramas plus diptych and triptych panoramas made from 4×5 negatives. I also enjoy the many facets of Polaroid emulsion lifts and transfers.

Significant influences of my photographic vision include Edward Weston, Walker Evans, Wright Morris, Richard Avedon, Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee.

Public recognition of my photography came in late 2004 when “Yates Center Co-Op” was selected for publication in the prestigious B&W Magazine. The article, published in the February 2005 edition, featured several artists belonging to the Analog Photography User’s Group website, APUG.com.

In the Spring of 2005, I was was selected as Top Overall Winner in the First Annual EMULSION Magazine photo contest. In addition to placing first overall, his photo “Barn Siding” took first place in the Abstract category. Among the judges in this contest was the renowned photographer Henry Gilpin of Malibu, California

All photos are made with the traditional B&W wet darkroom process from film negatives. Each print is printed by hand on the best photographic papers, then processed to current archival standards to ensure its longevity. Every print offered for sale is signed and numbered by the artist.

On FF Avenue, Morris County

  1. I have to say I’m 100% digital, but looking at the detail of your web images I’m very tempted to find some bellows for an old LF camera that is sitting in a bag across the room from me! The Barn Siding picture caught my eye too, prior to reading about your success here.

    Best Wishes

    • Alex Hawley
    • May 15th, 2008

    “I’m very tempted to find some bellows for an old LF camera that is sitting in a bag across the room from me!”

    Go for it Steven!

    • Lefty Begone
    • July 11th, 2011

    Good to see a good artist who’s also a patriot!

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